Friday, February 23, 2007

First Semester Results

Results came out today for my exams from just after christmas. Overall, I did okish, with an overall mark of 54.8% (or 2.2 standard). With my other degree marks in (from 2nd and third years) this goes up to just over 58%, and I need an average of 63% for the rest of the year to get a 2.1 mark overall.

So, while I can wish that the results were better, I can still realistically get a 2.1 degree.

In other news, I've almost finished my last 2 modules, and they are both starting to pile the work on :( The next week is going to be exhausting as I need to create a bliki system as part of a group coursework for one module and prepare a group presentation with a different group for my other module.

After that, its just 1 piece of coursework and 1 exam though, and thats almost all my uni work done forever :D

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