Sunday, February 18, 2007

Post Birthday

Well, my birthday is now over and done with. The day was pretty good, as me and Anita got in a load of nice snack foods, and lazed around eating and watching things :) My recieved gifts were:
Some better smart/formal clothes from my mum (I've had them since christmas time, but they were a birthday present)
The next book in the Sword of Truth Series (book 4 if anyone is interested :P) from my sister
Some small items from my mum for on the day... including some nice smelling air fresheners that smell like sweets... having to resist eating them :)
Money from: My Dad, my aunts, anitas gran, my gran.

So, not too bad, although having only had it for a day, I've already almost finished my book... I have a book token from an online survey that I'm going to use to get the next one soon though... unless my brother sends it as his gift...

Next thing to come will be me complaining about coursework deadlines I think :) Oh, and possibly links to various rails stuff I am using to learn in order to do the coursework for Interactive Systems Design


Alphalon said...

Congrats workmad!

Alphalon said...

Oh yah, this is selt :)