Tuesday, June 30, 2009

More moving

Well, the furniture arrived today, and pretty much all the hassle I mentioned earlier has been sorted out :) We have a decent collection there, just need to move some old furniture out the way to get the new stuff sorted.

Then just clean, finish moving all our stuff from our current place over the weekend, clean the old place, hand back keys...

Why is moving such a hassle? :(

Not really got any other news at the moment... work progresses as it normally does, life goes on and so on.

Oh, and our new broadband connection is connected up on Friday, which should mean we don't have a hitch in our connectivity over the move... can't ask for better than that :) We've switched to Virgin for phone and broadband... mainly because we get more bang for our buck (faster broadband and digital tv for the same price as just broadband with BT) and because BT wanted to charge £120 to get an engineer out to move the line, simply because there hadn't been a BT line at our new rental for 2 years. In a glowing recommendation for Virgin's sales team, when I told them that I then got free setup :) I can't guarantee it would work for everyone, but it just goes to show how important good customer service is.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Moving time

Well, it's getting close to the time when me and Anita are going to be moving out.

We've gotten the keys for the new place (with a truckload of hassle that's still being sorted), a load of furniture, etc. from Newcastle is arriving on Tuesday to fill the place up and our junk in our current flat is being moved next weekend, ready for us to clear out of here and put this small flat behind us :)

Oh, and in between this, I need to keep up on the work front, keep looking after the hamsters, help anita pack up this place and, somewhere, somehow, find some time to sleep.

Oh, what fun life is...

Friday, June 12, 2009

General updates

I should have posted this a while ago, but then I'm never the fastest at blogging updates in my personal life :)

First: I'm gainfully employed again. I have been since the Monday after I was made redundant, I just haven't updated here. More usefully, I have a pay rise from this new job and more importantly, I feel like I'm actually involved in everything again (which I am... there's only 2 of us and probably enough work to keep 4 people fully employed so I'm involved in book purchases, hardware purchases, I have an interesting and pretty sizable project all to myself and am involved in the management and testing of another one). I've been updating at Reflective Coder on things related to my new job (XML and Python stuff mainly so far. I'm planning a Pylons post soon).

Second: Anita and myself are moving... finally! We've been stuck in our small, 1 bedroom flat for the past 4 years and finally found a new place that's worthwhile - a nice three bed semi-detached house out in Wythenshaw - and within our rent budget.

That's pretty much the important news from the last couple of months. Also of note though, I'll be at the first DrupalCampUK tomorrow, which could be interesting or at the least have some decent loot to bring home :)