Friday, June 12, 2009

General updates

I should have posted this a while ago, but then I'm never the fastest at blogging updates in my personal life :)

First: I'm gainfully employed again. I have been since the Monday after I was made redundant, I just haven't updated here. More usefully, I have a pay rise from this new job and more importantly, I feel like I'm actually involved in everything again (which I am... there's only 2 of us and probably enough work to keep 4 people fully employed so I'm involved in book purchases, hardware purchases, I have an interesting and pretty sizable project all to myself and am involved in the management and testing of another one). I've been updating at Reflective Coder on things related to my new job (XML and Python stuff mainly so far. I'm planning a Pylons post soon).

Second: Anita and myself are moving... finally! We've been stuck in our small, 1 bedroom flat for the past 4 years and finally found a new place that's worthwhile - a nice three bed semi-detached house out in Wythenshaw - and within our rent budget.

That's pretty much the important news from the last couple of months. Also of note though, I'll be at the first DrupalCampUK tomorrow, which could be interesting or at the least have some decent loot to bring home :)

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