Sunday, May 10, 2009

Star Trek

As a non-trekkie sci-fi fan, I was initially skeptical of seeing the new Star Trek film. The premise seemed a bit shakey and of all the Star Treks it was TOS that I liked the least.

After watching it today, I admit I was wrong to be doubtful of this film. It was just about the right mix of humor, action and drama for a decent film and it also had a nice bit of 'darker' drama in it that I find missing from most Star Trek branded films and series and is more in line with Farscape or Babylon 5. The humor was mediocre at the start (although some lovely product placement for Nokia there :)) but went up several notches when Simon Pegg (playing Scotty) got introduced about halfway through the film, and I think he was one of the best cast roles in the film.

I was a bit shocked by the ending (I was expecting an almost typical Star Trek ending, with everything being put back to status quo for the film end) but it worked. It also gives them a good branching point for future films and possibly even a new TOS series which may be just what the franchise needs around now.

It wasn't perfect by any stretch though, but it was a decent film and the usual Star Trek 'utopia' message was more subdued than usual (which I class as a good thing) making it an enjoyable film and worth watching at least once (even if, like me, you aren't a trekkie but like sci-fi :))

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