Sunday, December 7, 2008


Well, it's been a while since I've touched this. My previous post was started in july and got finished today, so I guess I should do an update as well.

Important things:
- I got married. Back in August :) It wasn't a big wedding, just close family and friends. Pictures are available on my wifes gallery here.
- I got my wifes website set up. If you fancy reading about hamsters then go to noobooweb. If you fancy a comic with 'stick-hamster'-esque drawings, then try here and read through Anita's HAMIC archive :)
- I've almost got a site for myself. I'll update here once I've finished off the last few details
- Work is going well. There's been some bad times and some people had to be made redundant :( Thankfully I wasn't one of them and I have since been moved onto a project where I'm able to do some real (C++) development. Which has been fun :)

And now it's approaching christmas, so got the holidays to look forward to. My first christmas as a married man :D

I hope the one person who actually reads this will have a good holiday too ;)

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Filipe Gatti said...

congratulations for getting married :)