Monday, June 4, 2007

Working man

It finally came.... I've started my job now. I'm now a graduate software engineer developing stuff for mobile phones :) Or at least, I will be once I get a computer at my desk at work :/ They ran into build problems with the machine supposedly for me, and when they got it sorted, it got requisitioned by someone higher up, so I have to wait till tuesday or wednesday for that slightly vital piece of equipment :)

So, my first day was spent reading the notes for the '3 day Symbian OS Essentials course', which is essentially the minimum required knowledge for my job. Hopefully it will make more sense once I have a computer and can do the exercises at various points along the way.

Otherwise, news is pretty much standard. Anita is ill again (or possibly still), so I've been taking care of her as much as I can, and I've finally managed to borrow a copy of Design Patterns and have been reading that for a bit of extra insight :)

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