Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Midweek update

Well, this is mainly because I am currently bored at work, and feel I should do a quick progress update due to the problem that I'm not going to be available over the weekend to do so.

So, my current update progress is: Nothing on screen yet.
The reason? Because I'm being my usual self and spending too long on my input code system. I must have written something similar to this system almost a dozen times now, and each time I get fed up and then lose the code. This time, I'm going to write one extra class (I currently have mouse and keyboard) to handle 'actions', but that will come after I have thought a bit more about how to design the actions. I will write a quick, hard coded wrapper around my current input code to create a window and have something moving around over the next few days, and then you may get a screenshot towards the end of the week of a badly drawn sprite or a simple teapot or something :)

But for now, I should probably attempt to get some work done.

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