Thursday, September 20, 2007

The Usual Progress Report

Which is of course: Nothing to report :(

That is mainly because this week has been work hell. I've been finishing off one project and getting properly stuck into the next, and it was Anitas birthday yesterday. Coupled with not much free time last weekend has ended in a week where about the most I have managed is to uninstall VC++2008 and install VC++2005 in its place, which is a slight improvement except that I now need to recompile my dev libraries (SDL and Glew being the main ones) and problems are occuring from that.

Ah well, another weekend is looming and I should be able to get some free time over this one to at least sort out my libraries. I will attempt to get something on screen for about mid-way through next week (until I post next Thursday with more procrastination and excuses anyway ;))


theamericansushi said...

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Unknown said...

So how is your Unit testing framework coming on? or have you given up and are just using an existing framework?
About your previous blog post (input); I have done this when being away from my own machine yet never at my machine. The reason is I never throw away code and beleive me I have plenty of crap code :) yet it is still useful and even fun at times to look back at my coding history and say "what the hell was I thinking there". Quick example which really should be on posted to a site to see the light of day :)

__inline string cstring2string(char* c_string)
string message;
for(int i=0; i<=(int)strlen(c_string); i++)
message = message + c_string[i];

return message;

It's a one liner baby. std::string s(c_string);
I'm laughing now hahahaha.

Unknown said...

Erm I should point of who I am or maybe I should never admit to the above code. Erm, ar, erm it's !name

Unknown said...

It was !name,

Hugh here,
This last post is months old so maybe Im in the wrong place.

Hey WorkMad, why this...

I have managed is to uninstall VC++2008 and install VC++2005 in its place,

why did you do that ?


workmad3 said...

Heh :)

I haven't checked here for months. I'm currently working on a new site using ruby that will have a sort-of blog.

Maybe I'll update that more often :) Probably won't be as nice looking as this though... at least not to start with. I've sort of given up on unit testing for now, although I'm sure I'll jump back on that bandwagon at some point.